My Projects

Open Source Software

Some open-source software projects I've contributed to:

  • Drupal
    An open-source content management system.
  • Funtoo Linux
    A source-based Linux distribution.
  • Frog and Owl
    Open-source software and open content for education.

Misc. Activities

Other things I've been up to.

  • Organizing SurroundCon
    A new hardware, software, science fiction, gaming, and geek life conferenc coming to Indianapolis, IN in 2013.
  • Studying at Broadripple Martial Arts Academy
    I can't say enough good things about BRMAA's programs. Both my son and I study Shorei Goju-Ryu karate here.
  • Writing for Political Illiteracy
    A political blog that seeks to make smart analysis more accessible.

Tools I Use

Projects that help me do what I do:

Posted on July 14, 2012Edited on July 14, 2012